Error on Toolpath for 3D in Easel Pro

Here is my link: Easel

Getting Error: Easel

This is my first attempt creating my own stl and importing into Easel Pro.

Any advice welcome.

Hi Eric, I see no errors when I calculate that toolpath. Can you share an image of the error you’re seeing

Is this the error? If so, I believe this is just a warning that Easel hasn’t tested your settings and can’t “ok” your results. That’s my take on it at least, if that’s even what you were talking about! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I have made a change to the model since I posted originally. Ken4 recommended I lower my z lock to 26.4mm from 26.5mm and that enabled me to generate the toolpath. However, I am still having a problem as now, while I can generate a toolpath it is trying to shave off 0.1mm off the top of my woodblock (which I don’t want).

I am simply trying to carve out the interior half pipe in the middle.

Thanks for the assistance.

You’d need to modify the model to only include that feature then. . . OR use a different software because Easel 3d is really only configured to do 3d Reliefs of artistic nature, not more mechanical parts like this. You’d be better off using Fusion360 for this type of part.