Established Sign with Monogram Letter

I recently finished this for a co-worker. The letters can be found on Google Images under “William Morris Alphabet Clipart”. I wasn’t sure how it would transfer, but I am very pleased with the results I got. I used Easel Pro for the design and used the Image Trace tool.


Awesome job. thanks for sharing!

@BrandonTreadway strikes again!

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Looks really nice and professional.

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I really like the William Morris alphabet, but how come there are only 13 letters?

Actually, another version of this font, with a complete alphabet can be found here


Lots of cool fonts if you look for “Initials” styles.


Have you tried it yet? I’ve got another one to make, so I might download this font and see how it transfers.

Is the entire sign vcarved or a combo?

It was all done with a 60* bit.

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@BrandonTreadway so after the carving, did you paint the entire thing black and then lightly sand and then coat with poly? I love the way this turned out for you.

Yes to everything except the poly. I used crystal clear spray enamel from Rustoleum since this is an indoor sign. If you use spray paint, use black primer only. Since this is select pine, I would use some kind of shellac or sanding sealer on the board before carving if you plan on spraying.

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What are the other fonts you used in this project? Very nice indeed.

They were Easel Pro fonts. I think the first names are Great Vibes. The others are two of the serif fonts.

Nice! Love how it came out. particularly grateful for the “sanding sealer” info as I will be using mainly pine myself. Always looking for a way to work it better.!

Here’s a couple of test signs I did this week that I gave to my church. Got some Melamine MDF scraps from a friend and wanted to see how they’d cut. Didn’t come out half bad imo!

Church Signage 1|590x500

This is awesome. Great work…I was curious if you used a 60 V bit or something else. Also what was your depth set at? I am having issues with a drink coaster with the Letter B. Any help will be great!

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Thanks. I used a 60* bit and the depth was either .06 or .07. Can’t remember off the top of my head. Here’s a picture of another one painted. I would probably choose different colors, but the customer wanted these specifically. She originally wanted pink, but then she switched to purple.