Estimate time

Just curious to know, what has been your estimated time of completed assembly for the X Carve. I just started yesterday and this morning I start the assembly of the homing device.

I put mine together in stages as was working the week it came.

Built the x controller after work one night took about 25 minutes or so

Waste board screws I did a morning before work took maybe 30 minutes

Waste board rails maybe 45 minutes

The side plates an hour or so

Gantry was a bit fiddly and took a bit longer as far fingers and tight spaces don’t go together well at least not here :joy:

Final assembly took me about 4 hours as there are some fiddly bits and I was missing some parts so had to improvise a little towards the end. Then another hour to make it all work as it should

So in all around 8 hours I think.

I’ve not wired up the homing switches as 1 was broken - centre pin was snapped off loose in the bag.