Estimates in Easel Cabinetmaker

This is an overview of the estimation tools in Easel Cabinetmaker.

How Do Estimates Work?

Save time, manage materials, and increase your profits! Once you’ve created a design, you can navigate to the Estimate page in the project to apply unit costs and markups to the automatically calculated Bill of Materials.


The estimate values will be set to 0 by default for new projects. Cabinetmakers who have access to Estimates (Professional or Full Scale subscribers) can enter in pricing and markups to easily estimate costs and profits for the job.

The BOM and summary will automatically update as you make changes to the designs. Your cost and markup values will stay the same, so you can easily see how design changes impact pricing.

Use the Print button to print or download a copy of your estimates for your records!

Estimate Components

Estimates will display fields for the BOM information, labor and other costs, and the project summary. COGs refers to the total estimated cost for required materials. Mark ups, labor, and miscellaneous costs will factor into the total estimated profit. Total price combines the COGS and profit values for the total estimated cost to your clients.

Unit Cost
How much it costs for one unit (sheet, piece, set, etc.) of the specified material or hardware.

Mark Up
How much cost to add onto material and hardware prices to help cover overhead, associated costs, and profit margins.

Profit reflects the difference between the unit costs of materials and hardware and the actual price. Profits for materials and hardware are determined by their mark up.

Other Costs
Estimates also account for labor and any other costs, deliverables, or expenses associated with the job. You can charge for labor based on linear feet or hourly rates.

Other Notes
The Estimate tool is intended to make it easier for cabinetmakers to guage prices and profits for their jobs. Our team is exploring additional solutions in this area for quotes, invoices, and payments. Stay tuned!