Estlcam and VCarve with G-code processsor from GoCNC

I just downloaded VCarv Desktop and was confused that there was no good Postprocessor for Estlcam. So I created one pp-file for VCarve and Estlcam. If anyone else needs a postprocessor, get in contact with me and I will email the file to You.

I am waiting for some answers about the G-code G04, Dwell, and if it works with Estlcam. I have tried but it seems like it does not work. I just got the word from Christian that G04 does not work but one can use the command “pause” followed by time in milliseconds

Best regards

Hi Claus!
I’m starting to use vcarve and estlcam as well, is yuo could email me the postprocessor that would be awesome! does it work good?

can you send me the pp for estlcam ?

Please. :slight_smile:


Please can you send me the postprocessor for estlcam?

Thank you