Etching Cast Acrylic

Trying my hand At etching Acrylic, I have a diamond drag bit. 1/4 shank 90 degree with a tip of 0.005. I keep getting these lines and can’t find a setting to get them out. I have tried different stepover settings, the ones of the j in the pic are at 10% stepover and 10% v-bit flat area. If anyone is doing this on acrylic I would Love to know what settings you are using.

Try changing your V-Bit Flat Area Stepover to 1%.

It’s set at 0.15 but the lines I’m talking about are in the letters.

Ok will give that a try, thanks

That was my vote. Need to set it higher than the d-knife clears.

It’s the lines inside the letters that I need to remove , the scratch was done by me.

If you don’t mind me asking why a diamond drag bit? Those are typically used for engraving metal with line type.

A group I am in on Facebook are using these because they make very clean engravings and the diamond will last for a very long time just cutting acrylic . Also its way cheaper than a laser .

Try also using a raster fill if you have the option, I have found it to be less noticeable with just horizontal cuts.

I’m using Easel to cut, so I don’t think that’s an option in easel.

You should be using carbide bits for acrylic products.
Diamond for glass and metal, although carbide will work also.