European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This European compliance (GDPR) is an EU Regulation. How does this apply to your policies for here in the United States. The EU Reg. parallels the US Net Neutrality Act that recently failed. I hope you understand, the narrative of “Data Protection” is tantamount to and a means of Censoring individuals and companies. No one can get a COMPLETE copy of GDPR without great expense

There is no US law that mandates entities in the United State show compliance.

I hope you update your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use ONLY when promoting in the EU and make that statement in future updates to you policies.

I am a customer of Inventables and Government Research Analyst.

James Joyce

Hi James,

We updated our policy site wide to be in compliance with GDPR to reduce the complexity. We are focused on building new features for Easel and maintaining two approaches for EU and the rest of the world is more expensive than updating the privacy policy and terms of use globally. If users from any country want their information deleted we will honor that request.


I understand. Deletion of users is far from the issue. I just want give you an input to consider the unintended Consequences that always arise from corporate global policy decisions.

Take care,


Thanks. Here’s a link to the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.