EVA Foam Traction Pads

Hello ,

I am new here considering purchasing an X-Carve,

I want to make some traction pads for my Custom Wakesurf Boards.
is this possible with this ? has anyone tried ?

What is the material exactly? I think it would be fine it it can take a cut well, even from a knife.

Presume the matl has some rigidity?

How hard is the material? I’ve successfully carved linoleum for stamps, but had less luck with soft foam. Admittedly, I didn’t spend much time trying to make the foam work, But in my attempts, I found that it would just kind of deform away from the tool, rather than be cut. The close-up of the material you’re looking at seems to be more rigid/firm, so you won’t have to worry about that? It’ll just come down to finding the right spindle speed and feed rate that doesn’t tear up the sheet, and doesn’t melt it.

Seems EVA foam is good for cosplay costume building…so i think it would be quite rigid?

Yes the material is eva foam

I’m cutting 2 colour Eva foam to look like wood for boat floors. Xcarve cuts my material great. The foam is so comfortable under foot also.
I extended the size of my xcarve to 3ft x8ft. Works awesome.

that is great to hear. thank you