Everything is great until

Everything works great until the last 2 layers. I have tried several projects and the same problem exist. I have narrowed it down to the last 2 passes.

So right when the x-carve lifts for tabs the sudden jerk causes my machine to go off when it starts to cut it is not where it is supposed to be (as if it missed a step). The problem started about 2 days ago and it seems like it happens when the program reverses (maybe backlash) but it is an easy 1/16in off where it’s supposed to be.

I have adjusted the pots, the belt is to the tightness that anymore it might break tight. The wheels are good.

I used easel for the code and grblweb for the sender.

Does anyone have the same problem? Any ideas

If the belt is too tight, that could be bad. Not sure if it could cause this problem, but it can’t be helping.

It was happening before I tighten it that tight. I think it could be isolated to x movements

Check the set screws in the pulleys. Something is slipping somewhere.

I had a similar problem, it ended up being interference from the 24V spindle. Turn the spindle off and attach a marker to the X-carriage. Set up a rectangle pattern in Easel and have it draw 2 - 3 “layers” deep. What I found is that it would be perfect with the spindle off and then the pattern would be off when the spindle was on.

Here’s a link to the thread.

Well I double checked everything. Tightened the belts more. Everything seems to be working normal again. But I do not know if those were the culprit. I remade the gcode using easel and the new code does not have it changing the direction of the cut right before the tabs. All in all I don’t know what the problem is but its fine now