Excessive chatter as the router comes towards me

I’ve recently noticed that my x-carve chatters as it travels towards me, but not all the time.

For a bit of context, I typically use the tape and glue method to secure my piece to the machine. I use medium CA glue + the accelerant.

I’ve previously noticed that it tends to struggle as it is coming towards me along the Y-Axis (not when it’s going away). It’s usually not super bad, but noticeable; however, on this last carve it was quite bad. I noticed that it happened as it was passing the last part of wood and crossing over the tape and hardened CA glue. Could this be the culprit?

My thought is no, but the bit is about two years old. It hasn’t gotten a lot of usage but a decent amount.

Thanks for your time!

I’d replace the bit with a good quality one like Whiteside, Freud, or CMT and maybe reduce your depth of cut. Make sure everything is tight. It sounds like climb milling might be the cause, which is when the direction of cut is in the same direction as the bit rotation, but that’s a guess. It doesn’t take long for a router bit to get dull.

Thank you. I was about to replace the bit and test it out tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.