Exit tool path

I am trying to carve a platter with a raised border and an engraved pattern inside from a 1" piece of walnut. My method was to carve out 1/2" in the middle then tell the x-carve I had a 1/2" piece of walnut and carve the pattern 1/4" deep. My only problem when it finished, the tool only went up above the 1/2" and exited dragging across the border that was the full 1" thickness of the board. I would like the tool to either raise up higher than 1" to return home, or just to raise straight up and shut off.
I am doing this in three separate workpieces because when I tried to do it all in one, I could only use one bit. I want the middle carved out with a 1/2" bit to hog out the material, the pattern to be carved with a 60 degree V bit, and the outer ring with a 1/8" bit. I Hope y’all can understand what I am trying to describe as I am new and don’t know the terminology for what I am doing. Thank you

I’m going to guess you want to change your safety height measurement. It is under Machine/Settings.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I cannot find that in my machine settings. Is that after going into that specific project? And if I find it, will that change the machine settings for all my projects?
I will look again tomorrow, can you explain what I’m looking for a little more? I went through every option under machine settings and couldn’t find it.

I suspect you’d have to make changes for all your projects. I’m not a regular easel user, so I don’t know for sure. It’s possible that you only need to set it once and it would save the info.

See if this helps: