Expanded PVC

I am trying to cut some expanded PVC and my machine keeps stopping mid-project. I using UGS to send the g-Code. I have tried two different computers and both did the same thing, UGS locks up. I tried cutting the part “in the air,” and it did fine.

The cutting from the PVC seem to be generating great deal of static electricity. I can actually hear the hose on my dust collector “pop and crack” as the cutting are passing through. I am guessing that the electrical field is causing some type of interference in the system.

Has anyone experienced this before? And, what did you do to fix it?

I am going to try to figure out some way to ground the machine and hopefully dissipate the static charge.

Any help would be appreciated.

you should ground the hose for the vac system their are kits made , also you should ground your vac also, I was able to run a ground wire from the ground on the outlet to the vac then connected a wire from vac to the suction end clean the coating back on the hose and clamp to the wire in the hose

I got a few good jolts before I figured out what it was. If you’re in the usa try rockler.com for a grounding system