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I bought Inventables merchandise about 6-7 years ago, and I’m still using it. Through my journey as a Maker, I’ve gotten wiser and more familiar with the market for CNC-related projects. If I purchased a drag chain “kit” from McMaster-Carr, it would be fairly expensive. (Inventable sends additional hardware and brackets to fit the machine.) However, a search on Amazon reveals a plethora of drag chain choices for around $20-$30. For that price, you can get a total of 2 meters of chain and end pieces. The drag chain kits from Inventables come with two 71 cm chains, which is not enough drag-chain to run the wires the whole length of the x or y axis of the 1000 mm machine. I’m going to order the cheap drag chain for one axis, and then combine the other two 71 cm chains into one for the other axis. We’ll see if the quality is ok. In general, I realize it’s a business, people need to make money, but I’m sorry, I’m just not happy with the mark-up that I think I’m seeing.

I guess my comment would be more about supporting a business that you’d like to see stay in business. If a company can’t make a profit, then they go under. I have spent a good amount of money with Inventables over the years. I also have a few upgrades that they don’t sell, that I purchased from other vendors. I think their pricing reflects trying to make a profit to stay afloat. There is a lot of competition around now.

One thing I’ve found is that good service after a sale costs money. Amazon won’t provide that. Sometimes that cheap item ends up costing you more money. As an example…try to get a living and breathing Amazon representive to respond to an inquiry about a parcel not being delivered … all you get is a robot.

I will admit that I bought a drag chain off of amazon for the same reason. It’s OK, but not as nice as the stock part.
If you like a company, you should consider supporting them. The same holds true to your local hardware and other brick and mortar stores. I try to support my local sources when I can but sometimes they just don’t have what I really need, so I’m forced to go elsewhere. Amazon and Ebay have really helped over the years.

I guess we just need to do the best we can and spread our money around…LOL.

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