Experience With No Dust Shoe & No Air Filter

Dear Inventables Community,

I’m working in a fairly large space and we have not installed our dust collecting air filter yet.

I’ve seen videos of people using the x-carve without a dust shoe in small spaces that look like there is no filter installed. I’m of course going to wear a mask if I do this, but what is your experience with how much dust may settle in the room. You are pulling out chips ideally from the work project, so maybe it’s not such a big issue to be without dust filtration. At least for the moment, I think I should be ok with just a mask and maybe the windows open.

What do you think? Any advice appreciated!

Thank you,


Broke the dust collection shoe on my machine Friday finished the job at that time and then Saturday did a couple of runs while I had the dust collector on the bench for repairs. Piles of wood chips everywhere including on top of the router/spindle. fortunately I was getting wood chips rather than dust but the amount was surprising…
Personally would go to great lengths to corral the dust as it is created.

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It really depends on what material youre carving, the chipload, etc. If youre carving MDF prepare for a ridiculous dusting, if its a solid wood less of an issue…


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