Experimenting with glaze

I think you have two processes going on and they aren’t behaving.

A wash is when the pigment and binder is diluted. Typical usage is to apply and wipe off leaving pigment in the recess.

A glaze is when the pigment is diluted but not the binder. It is meant to go on and stay on, building the effect in layers. With glazing, you have to use a brush or spray to build up the color. It is not meant to be wiped off during the process.

How long did it take to cut the old man with the long beard? My time estimate shows over 150 hours, seems like way too much. Wondering what your speeds were, rough and finishing pass. Just curious.

This will be helpful to me in the future.

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Hey Phil if you don’t mind me asking what sanding sealer/shellac do you use? I’ve been doing some research and they say to use zinsser seal coat, which apparently can be used as a sanding sealer and shellac. It is also wax free. Anyways of course with everything else it seems to be unavailable where I am. I’ve googled places to get it and have found a whole ton of canadians having a hard time finding it, and even some places where they say it has been discontinued in Canada.


Missed the wax free part. I love the aerosol shellac for painting though. :smile:

That’s good to know! I’ll have to stop searching for it and Ill try to find the min wax one!