Export, Edit and Import G-Code


I’m using the Carvey with Easel and decided I wanted to play with spindle speed for aluminum milling. Thought this would be simple. I assumed I could just generate and export the g-code, edit it and re-import it into Easel…nope. It right away flags errors due to simple g-code like G28. Now I see that the Easel G-Code Spec doesn’t support the very g-code that Easel exports…Why not?!

How do I edit the exported g-code so that it is compatible with Easel again?



So this works. When you Export the G-Code, open it into a non-formatting text editor like Notepad, Notepad++ or something similar and delete the following lines to allow it to be Imported back into Easel:

At the top, remove these lines:

G21 G38.2 Z-71 F80
G10 L20 P1 X17 Y-12.25 Z12.7

At the bottom, remove these lines:

G53 G0 Z-1



Then make the edits you want to do in the G-Code you wish to import in accordance to the Easel G-Code Specs.

Also tested, you can adjust the Carvey’s Spindle Speed on the fly using the Console input in the Machine Inspector. (However, Easel seems to send commands to the Carvey in batches so it may go through a couple moves before your speed adjustment shows up).


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Can’t you set the spindle speed through Easel?

I thought it did, but I am not seeing that capability in Easel.

At the top, remove these lines:
(G21 G38.2 Z-71 F80)
(G10 L20 P1 X17 Y-12.25 Z12.7)

At the bottom, remove these lines:
(G53 G0 Z-1)

Be ready to hit the pause button, as I’m not sure exactly how she’ll respond. I’m pretty sure Easel automatically adds the the G28 and “smart” clamp probe code.

I’ll give that code delete a try.

Haven’t tried adjusting speed on the fly in the machine inspector command line. So matinee ill try that yet too.

I’ll post the results here type help others too.


Edited original Post with my test findings. Deleting the code NailFerreri1 suggested works excellent. The G-Code is loaded into the Easel window showing the carve properly. The machine still homes properly and continues fine.

Thanks for all your help guys!

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