Export G-code from Adobe Illustrator

Thanks to Will Adams who mostly lurks here but posts a lot on another forum!

From the site;
"This panel arose from a need to reduce the number of steps involved in generating g-code for machines that I create to reproduce drawings made on my computer using various techniques. All of the drawings get the finishing touches in Adobe Illustrator, but unfortunately, there was no way to export g-code from Illustrator. I always had to go through the added step of opening a program called Inkscape with the sole purpose of generating the g-code which my machines understand.

This solution not only solves my problem, but could help many other people as well. I hope that you find this tool as useful as I do."


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I do not use either adobe or inkscape but was of the understanding that neither created g-code.
It take CAM software to create g-code, correct?

The CAM software is the gcode interpreter. AI generates a SVG file which in turn is made into a gcode file.
It is no different than Inkscape generating a gcode file from a SVG file.

Not quite - CAM software in this case is the plugin or macro doing the conversion. CAM software converts a design into the machine instructions (g-code). This g-code generator does not appear to have any sort of tool offset ability, so it’s likely only useful for sending a bit exactly along the path specified, not generating pockets, or doing inside / outside cuts.

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Correct, this is intended to be used with laser cutters and plotters.

If you have questions let me know, I am happy to help

You can also check the Vector to Gcode app from http://www.gcodetools.com

Check out the videos
[Convert Illustrator files and SVG directly to Gcode - Part 1 - YouTube](https://Convert Illustrator files and SVG directly to Gcode)