Export Wood Mockup/Simulation?

Is there any way to export the simulated cutout from Easel to show to a customer? I’m not good with design software like Adobe Illustrator, so the wood simulation that appears on the right after designing something in Easel is the best I’ve got. Any help figuring out how to export this simulation would be much appreciated!!


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Snipping tool allows for cropping at the time the screencspture is taken. And at the bottom right there’s 3 dots, you can hide the wastebaord grid, make the preview pane full screen and then adjust the angle as you like and screen capture…

You could even get kinda fancy and remove the background material with a few extra tricks

If you want to show it in two colors, look at the 2 color acrylic material then do a screen shot


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Here is where you remove the wasteboard from the view by clicking on the verticle ellipsis and then uncheck the Wasteboard option.


Brandon Parker