Exporting G-Code issues

Before I bought my Shapeoko 3, I was playing around in Easel a lot because I thought they were compatible. Obviously, they are not, but I figured I could still take my saved projects and export them to Carbide Motion. For the most part, it worked well. However, when imported into Carbide Motion, the prompt to insert the correct bit and start the router does not appear. It does when using jobs made in Carbide Create. As a result, the machine begins the job without the router being turned on, and you can imagine what a horrible feeling that was when it slammed into the board. I was told that this might be a g-code issue, but I have no idea how to write or read g-code. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks for the help!

there are to spindle commands they are M-code but are still written into the G-code M03 or M3 are spindle “ON” M05 or M5 are spindle “OFF”

I’m sorry for the lack of knowledge on my part, but how would I go about writing this in g-code format and where would it go in the code? I literally no next to nothing about this process and am in the very beginning stages of learning.

So should I just try and set up the machine through Easel and see if it continues to do the same thing? I will say that I have not done this since I knew I would not be using Easel all of the time. I can do it without the bit in just in case it continues to do the same thing.

Compare a working file with one that does not.
The header info will be the first part and for setups it will come after.
Most programs will allow you to insert things that will attach to the gcode.
Can you post the code and I will look to see the differences.
Post one working and one not working. I am familiar with most G-code commands.

I will try and post a working and non-working one this evening when I get home from work.

Easel probably does not emit M6 since Grbl doesn’t support it directly. However Carbide Create does emit because it knows that Carbide Motion will translate it to movement and a UI pause.

You can work around this by adding your own M6 via text editor (if you’re using CM for play back) or turn on your router before you hit start.


No. Which is why some PC host software (like Carbide Motion) handles it and doesn’t pass it on to the controller firmware. It’s a good way to go for Grbl since on most of our machines tool change is a manual operation that can use some UI: Change the bit to this then click continue which Grbl can’t do very well on its own.