Expressing my opinion on Easel Pro

I am sorry Inventables you are a great company with a great bunch of people so please don’t take this the wrong way its only constructive criticism

Please correct me if I am wrong and make any invalid points here

That being said here I go

This Easel Pro Launch is PREMATURE

from watching the videos and reading the text the only 3 main differences over Easel and Easel Pro are

  1. costs money
  2. V-engraving
  3. Some more texts

wait thats it?

no export function
no local saving function
no updated and better material removal simulation
no ramping toolpath
no lead in lead out toolpath option
no 3D creation tools
no nesting

if v-engraving and fonts are the only new features then its not worth the 19 bucks a month

I can use freeware for engraving and I can download copyright free fonts with ease 100,000’s of them

and then I can use hobbyist license to professional CAD/CAM as I grow my business

I understand there has been lots and lots of work put into Easel and I commend you its an amazing program at the free level and for makers worldwide its a valuable tool

but to add 2 simple features at the release and then charge 19 a month for it to me it just seems very premature to do that

I would love to start a friendly discussion about this with anyone willing to have a friendly discussion back I am not here to start a fight I am just saying this Easel Pro while a great idea is PREMATURE with its features at launch

thanks Inventables for all you do for the Maker community


lol I dont want it to carry any weight I am just expressing an opinion thats it make of it what you will

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I am afraid I have to agree with “WorkinWood” the program is very basic great for a beginner but it is very limited I have been using Easel Pro now for a week and I am on mu machine most of the day so it’s well tested and I don’t think it up to speed for a 19:00 monthly cost sorry Inventables I deal a lot with your company and am very happy with the service but no thanks I will not be taking up your offer.

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it is interesting… I will look forward to trying it out.

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what is 1 feature that you wish you had that would greatly help you out that is not currently in Easel or Easel Pro?

lol I know linux is widely used

are you referring to linux issue?

or are you talking about local software vs browser/cloud

yeah I imagine that would help alot of computer savy users such as yourself I know zero about linux but I know its widely used in custom application in the business world

@AngusMcleod why can’t you use it on your Linux Machine? It was your post that started me on my journey to get Easel Local to work on my Linux systems. and it works great. it even updates the firmware now if you need to.

3d carving


is easel supported on apple os?

I think they really missed the mark here, they introduced v bits which is fantastic! BUT i’d say 50% of people use vbits for inlays… Their inlay app isn’t updated and no news to whether they will update it or not…

I mean v carving is great but how do I use it to do my inlays?

I could think of loads of features that could have been added such as starting a project half way, if I break a bit half way through a 6 hour carve at 55% I want to say hey easel start at 54% and continue doing what you were doing.

I’d like to see loads more features than just v carving. Because the fonts are nothing to me I can do that in any free vector tool convert it to a object and im good to go like i do with every single graphic anyways. I just cannot spend $19 on vcarve.

And not even v carving like half of what v-carving is.

I’d have to also agree that a fairly easy but effective feature would also be nesting.

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I didnt even think about that good point!! @BrodeySheppard

yes please the app needs to be updated

yeah the v-carving is a niche market for sure only certian types of users are actually going to use it because v-carving is only good for some many things

I think nesting would attract more users than v-carve

I seriously would have preferred paid apps, now they have a pro version of the software there cannot be paid apps because you cannot double charge someone any apps will need to be free for pro members.

Poor choice :frowning: I would like a nesting app and v carve inlays.

Not to mention starting a job from centre point or other point then bottom left. I’d much prefer centre point starting personally.

you can start in the center

you just select the entire thing and then set x and y to zero

7:28 mark and it works in Easel Free also

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Yeah, I legit just finished watching that video, but that is such a gross method.

haha agreed kinda a work around for sure

I know the support will be reading this forum so as I think of ideas I’ll add them here:
KeyHole bit support ( or even a key hole bit app ).

A lot of people use this tool for signs… yet this cannot do key holes.

Thats my video, and I also agree because it makes it difficult to track any changes since you then lose any visualisations. Worse is when you’ve got multi-“stage” cuts/toolpaths via the form of several pages.

ie, pockets you don’t want v-carved, so they’re on their own document. But then you make a layout change, and can’t ‘track’ it because you can’t visualise.

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Thanks for that video Paul, it answered a few questions I had buzzing around. Plus, I really like to chill out with your videos, some Vegemite toast, and a hot Milo :slight_smile: