Extending a single axis of the XCarve

Hey all - presently I’m the owner of a 500mm XCarve. It’s great and fits nicely into my relatively small shop, but I’m pretty limited in what I can make given how little real estate it offers.

I’m interested in extending the X-axis to 750mm. I;m at work and away from the machine right now, and I imagine that these questions would be answered pretty simply just by looking, but what’s involved here? I’m assuming I’d be looking at the following bill of materials:

2x 750mm Maker Slide
2x 750mm 2020 rails for the frame
1x < 500mm cross member for the frame
Longer x-axis belt
Longer drag chain (or drag chain extension

Am I missing anything?

The X axis MakerSlide is now one thick piece (old machine used 2 thin).

You’ll need a longer wire for the second Y axis motor.

Does the wide makerslide mount up to the same holes in the carriage plates?

If your going all the way to the frame you may as well do 20x40’s. And while your at it…

You will also need a longer Z-axis stepper wires.

I have the new x-controler, so I didn’t think about the strips.

Longer wires for:

  1. X axis motor terminal strip
  2. Y2 motor
  3. Z axis motor terminal strip
  4. X axis homing switch
  5. Z axis homing switch

And everything else already mentioned plus, obviously, a wider waste board.