Extending length of x carve belting question

I am building a 10ft x carve.My question is about belt. I need 2 pcs of G2 belt 11ft long . how do I order the belt by the ft ?

one is 9mm wide the other is 6.5mm. I want the stock xcarve g2t belt . What one is that ?

The stock belt is 6mm wide. It’s sold by the foot from Inventables or it used to be.

Contact their customer success.

Yes I will only be machining foam. My 1000x1000 does it without any trouble. So I figure 3000x1000 should be up to it. I’ll try to post some pics as it comes together.

The fact that you’re only going to be machining foam might not be the only reason you might consider a wider belt. The belt is under tension even when you’re not cutting, so with the longer span the narrower belt might be more prone to stretch.

It’ll be interesting to see how it works out.