Extra Decimal Places

It would be really nice to have an extra decimal places in the interface for getting more accurate depth setups, especially using materials like aluminium and brass where a bit more accuracy is really helpful.

For example cut depth is only 1 decimal place, so to cut 1mm I either have to run 10 passes at 0.1mm or 5 passes at 0.2mm. 0.1mm is quite slow, and 0.2mm is a bit too much, being able to set to 0.125mm or even 0.15mm would be really helpful, and speed up the cutting process.

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Well, not useless at all given that I would find it exceptionally useful.
Not everyone works solely in inches, and if you have a machine that is capable of a bit more precision then having the software to make use of that precision would be great.

The mill I’m using has better accuracy 0.0125mm, so the extra resolution would be really welcome.

Yeah is not bad, not using that accuracy just yet, but you get where I’m coming from with at least having the option in the interface (it can’t hurt!), and its probably a very easy software tweak to enable it.

I’m actually in the process of making my own custom g-code creating application, as I have some specific designs I’m planning on doing, and they haven’t transferred well using any of the applications I’ve tried so far.

Vectric products (VCarve, Aspire, etc.) allow the use of more decimal places. So does Picsender.

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