Extra pieces?

I just finished building my Xcarve and I have 2 extra t-slot nuts (26016-03), 2 extra M5 flatwasher (25287-12), and 2 extra screws (30554-06). Anyone else have extras? I’ve gone back through the directions over and over and I can’t seem to find what I’ve missed. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I think I had one or two extra things. I think it’s kinda random what extras you get. Lol. I had a t nut, the threaded insert for the waste board, and a washer I think.

I also had extras and it’s been nice at times when things have rattled loose and fallen off never to be seen again (I know… I know… blue locktite)

Hahaha!! Crossing my fingers thats not going to happen later on!