Extremely frustrated with my machine

One day my machine will cut perfect, the next I can’t even cut a circle. That’s my problem today. My circles are nowhere near round. I’ve checked everything I Can think of. No loose wheels, belts not too loose or too tight, everything just seems off.

Hi Andrew

Could some wheels be too tight? Have you tried to gently move the spindle to all extremes - will it slide smoothly?

When it does not cut perfect - can you tell which direction you have problems with? Is it related to one coordinate or both? Upload some pictures of the bad results.

What cutting parameters are you using? Feed rate, depth of cut, etc.?

When cutting just a circle, it seems to almost stutter step in two spots.

Have you checked the current for the x/y stepper drivers? Do they get enough juice?

Is this a stock machine with no changes or mods. If it is then there is a very good chance that you are losing steps do to electric noise in the system.


If there are no physical issues (all belts and wheels are fine tuned) I’ll put my bet on adjusting the current for the stepper drivers.

Try jogging 100mm in all directions - is the motors humming nicely and travelling the distance with no issues?

I think something is really wrong. I can hear the y -motors click on and off but when I run, I have no y movement now.

When you put all things together - did you wire things up before turning on power? Recheck that all wiring is ok and no loose wires anywhere.

They move well in all directions

@ChristianJorgensen Yes, It was wired up before I turned the power on. This problem just seem so intermittent.

Ok - what about switching the X and Y wiring just for testing - is the problem related to the wiring or to the stepper driver (assuming at least one of them works!)

And what is your hardware setup? Is it stock?

Yes, everything is stock with a 611 that came with.

This is the latest cut. It seems to do what it wants going around those corners. One pass going one way the other a different direction.

I’m using the recommended settings for Maple. Nothing has changes as far as I can tell from my normal conditions. The variance seems random. Different locations during the cut.

Have you confirmed that the current is ok for your drivers?


If you are comfortable using a voltmeter you can check here as well:

Try cutting a simple rectangle and pay attention to the X and Y cuts. Is it off in one direction or another? Circles can hide problems since they involve complex X and Y movements.

I cut a rectangle and it cut perfect, however It continued to cut deeper even after easel had said it was finished. I think there’s something wrong with my controller?