Extremely frustrated with my machine

Ok - what about switching the X and Y wiring just for testing - is the problem related to the wiring or to the stepper driver (assuming at least one of them works!)

And what is your hardware setup? Is it stock?

Yes, everything is stock with a 611 that came with.

This is the latest cut. It seems to do what it wants going around those corners. One pass going one way the other a different direction.

I’m using the recommended settings for Maple. Nothing has changes as far as I can tell from my normal conditions. The variance seems random. Different locations during the cut.

Have you confirmed that the current is ok for your drivers?


If you are comfortable using a voltmeter you can check here as well:

Try cutting a simple rectangle and pay attention to the X and Y cuts. Is it off in one direction or another? Circles can hide problems since they involve complex X and Y movements.

I cut a rectangle and it cut perfect, however It continued to cut deeper even after easel had said it was finished. I think there’s something wrong with my controller?

I have a 611 also and Easel usually finishes a second or two before it’s actually finished. However, I don’t see any issues with the cuts.

could there be too much current to the steppers? Ie; thermal shutdown?

I notice that too, but this was’t the case. It just kept cutting deeper and deeper. I let it go another 3 passes. I did pull the USB from the computer and it stopped as soon as I did. I’m really not sure what to make of the situation anymore.

Nothing wrong with your electronics. Machine still trying to complete the circle. If any electronics problem happens, your direction goes out of path. You’re saying different locations, it’s not. Bit is cutting normal following the grain. When trying to cut cross grains your direction is changing.
Three Major possibilities.

  1. Your belt tensions are not proper and even.
  2. You have loose V-Wheels, your spindle is flexing under pressure.
  3. Your one side Y axis stepper is not getting power or set screw on pulley is loose. Other side is trying to finish the job.

Take it slow, go over your tuning one more time. Eccentric nuts on Wheels must be adjusted until wheels very hard to turn with two fingers.
If belts are loose, search this forum how to modify and adjust your belts.
@LarryM posted very good ways to adjust Pods and other stuff as well. Just search with his name.

One last thing, don’t get frustrated. We all go true this level. When you find perfect alignments, you will be happy camper.

If problem exist after you go all these adjustments carefully, you may have to take a video shot while you’re running same circle again. We can give you best possible idea what’s happening.

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I will check everything again tonight. What do you mean by spindle is flexing?

You have Dewalt if I didn’t misunderstand. That is your Spindle, if your wheels are not aligned correctly, it flexes side to side. You can verify by holding it with two hands and force it and watch the wheels to see if you have any movement side to side or back and forward. It must be solidly straight without movement.

I had exactly the same problem with circle. I tight back my belt (a way more that I would think it was ok) until its tight like a guitar. That solve all my problem.
First time I tight it, its solve 75% of my problem (was almost a real circle) when I was cutting circle. so I had to tight it a little more until my circle was perfect.

Thanks Alan, I will check this when I get back to my machine.

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This only appies if your manually homing your machine. Which think a lot of people are. Is your stepper motor going EEEERRRRR!!# once in awhile? I was having similar problems. Here’s an easy fix i think a newer person like myself may find handy. Slide the gantry all the way down to the 0,xx position. Or as close as it will get. Dont force it. But help it along with your hand a bit if it doesn’t go smoothly. Measure the distance and use a 90° square to check that both sides of x gantry arm are the exact distance from the end plates. If not gently push them back to even… I was amazed how off track mine was. One rail crash will knock it off. As @AlanDavis said. V wheel adjustment is critical also. This is the low tech method. Hope it helps.

Also. In easel make sure you select the correct material.

I had this exact same issue, took a month to figure it out. Luckily my office is near Inventables, and I was able to take it to them for troubleshooting. What they found was that the set screws on the x-axis pulley were loose. What this meant is that when it changed direction (in two places on a circle) it would skip across the flat part of the stepper shaft and cause those two jumps on every circle. Hope that helps, was a very frustrating month.

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