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F360 G-Code Measurement

Hello all,
I am running into an issue after export G-Code from Fusion 360 to Easel. The measurement between the edge and the shape and also the depth is different from what it is in the design.
For example, in Fusion 360, my design measurement on the Z-axis the depth 3mm, and on the X-axis, the distance between the edge to the shape edge is 25 mm. On the Y-axis, the gap between the edge to the shape is 25 mm also, after finishing carving, the measurement is different -8mm.
I use Easel instead of Fusion 360, and the measurement is perfect.
Can anyone tell me why this is happing?
Thank You All

Can you share the Fusion file or screenshots of all the CAM settings?

Sounds like a possible stock dimension issue, under your main Setup-folder, what are the stock offset values set to?

I set the stock offset values to 0

Which dimensions are off and by how much?

Width(X) 500mm
Depth(Y) 500mm
Height(Z) 4m

I see that in the drawing. What did these measure on your workpiece?

this is the workpiece size the X and The Y

Fusion360 cant send gcode so a sender program is required (you use Easel to send which is fine), with a matching post processor (PP)
Do you use the standard Easel-F360 PP when exporting from F360?
Can you provide the gcode file?

I’ll try again… What dimensions are incorrect? By how much?
Your stock is exactly 500x500? Are the holes not positioned correctly? By how far are they away from the expected dimension?

yes I use the standard Easel-F360 PP when exporting from F360 (367 Bytes)

the position of the holes is13.25mm and 50 mm from all side

I see that in your drawing as well.
I’m asking you where the problem is. When you carve,
How far are the holes from each edge?
How far are the holes from each other?

Do you happen to have stock to leave set? Is that an option for Fusion? That said, if i’m reading the thread properly, you sent the gcode with easel and it worked properly? That tells me fusion is fine and there is a sender issue (perhaps you didn’t zero properly). Either, as @NeilFerreri1 said, we need more specifics on where your problem lays. Where are the holes after the machine operations are complete?