Face Frames Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that face frame support has been added to Easel Cabinetmaker. Give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or issues. Below is a brief overview.

There’s a new project level Construction option to enable face frames globally

Selecting face frames adds options to control the rail and stile widths independently. The Material section also contains options to control face frame material and thickness.

The cabinet box depth is inclusive of the face frame thickness, the side panel depths are automatically adjusted.

For the initial version, there aren’t options to control the overhang or general position of rails and stiles. The top rail and left/right stiles are aligned with the outside edges of the box panels. The bottom rail is aligned with the inside edge of the bottom box panel, creating an overhang and avoiding a lip. This is an area that we’re most interested in hearing your feedback on.

Base cabinets are also adjusted so the toe kick clearance matches the desired height, accounting for any bottom rail overhang.

Face frames can also be enabled with inset style fronts. However, this configuration doesn’t have integrated hardware support yet. Door hinges and drawer slide milling will be automatically disabled.

The manufacturing tab allows you to create a face frame specific cut list for your linear lumber.

This generates a basic cut list of lengths and quantities.

Finally, the Estimates tab has also been updated to include face frames, accounted for in terms of linear board feet.

Again, please let us know if you have any feedback


This is great news! Our shop is primarily a face frame shop so this is huge. I can’t wait to try this out on a cabinet project.

One note on the functions. Being able to create an overhang on the outside edge of the cabinet is critical for us. We like to have 3/16" - 1/4" overhang on our cabinets, it makes installation easier.

Can the rail dimensions be adjusted separate from the stiles? Our shop is typically making built in cabinets and freestanding shelving not very many kitchens. A common design is the bottom of the cabinet being 4" up with no toe kick. Because of that we like to make the top and bottom rails different dimensions than the stiles. The bottom rail being 4" and the top being say 2 1/4".

Thank’s for this feedback. Overhang is on our radar and it’s good to know that this is a key piece of your workflow.

Yes, each of these can be set independently

  • bottom rail
  • top rail
  • middle rail(s) between drawers/doors
  • outer left/right stiles
  • center stile between double doors

The inputs show up below the face frame selector when enabled. You can see them on the side in this screenshot from above

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