Facing aluminum - one way is deeper than the other

Hello guys!

So I’m attempting to face some aluminum, and I can get it perfectly flat going only one direction. However if I choose to go both ways, one of the ways is deeper than the other. It is sort of visible on this picture.

What could cause this? Lack of rigidity pulling the bit down ? My x axis is a c beam, and the y axis is fully supported.

But it is when I measure it and as mentioned, when I go one direction, it’s perfect.

Exactly. And that’s what I’m asking could be the cause :slight_smile:

That would mean that my machine lacks rigidity right? Since it’s taken a bigger bite in one direction.
This would result in bigger tolerances if milling this direction, yea?

Do you have an upgraded Z axis or are you running the standard Inventables Z axis?

Sound plausible, the system react different to the two different directions of force. If so Z lack rigidity.
You can counter that by facing using a climb only path.

Thought so :slight_smile:
I’m using a c-beam configuration for the z axis as well - so I thought The machine would be plenty rigid.

Guess I’m only facing one way for now then :stuck_out_tongue: eat least with upcut end mills!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a facing mill with a 10mm shank?

Or what do you guys use to face off your part?