Failed saving! notification

I designed a fidget spinner in Easel and when I was done I noticed that there was a "failed saving!’ designation. Any help?

Wait a little bit and then move something to trigger a save. It’s likely an internet connection issue.

the other day i had alot of hang ups and failed saving issues i have not had before

Thanks I got it to save!

i am also getting a “failed saving” message… tried to “make a copy” and all i can get in the new tab/window is about:blank in the address bar…
internet connectivity isn’t the issue, as i am on the forums just one tab over…

what say ye, @JDM

When this happens, the best thing to do is change something simple that will trigger a save. Switch the bit size, cut depth on a shape, etc.

It tried to save every time I did anything, then said failed save. I shut down Firefox and reopened in chrome with better results

Hi @ChristopherLathan, I’m wondering if you might have somehow gotten signed out of Easel without Easel realizing it… Any chance you use different Inventables accounts for Easel and the forum?

I can’t make copies of MY OWN. well, I couldn’t. The problem has tentatively resolved itself upon choosing a different browser