Family crest with Dragon

This family is unique and the standard designs werent quite right… so I made this.


I dig it.

Is that MDF or faced ply?

That is awesome.


1/2" ply w/ a maple veneer. Sold in the lumber yard at Lowes. Not every store has it. It’s about $40/sheet. Cut into 2x2’s at the store. It’s usually 0.48-0.49" thick.

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That looks really nice! How did you make it? What cutter, feeds n speeds, etc? What are you going to do with it, will it be an inlay on top of that chest? That’d be sweet. =D

Thanks for the compliment.
I do most of my layout and toolpaths in Vectric VCarve. I’m pretty happy with the vector editing capabilities.
1/8" 2 flute upcut. 50ipm, 10ipm plunge. 6 passes over 0.48".
I’m hoping I get to stain this in a walnut. I’ve promised a video of the technique I used on this piece.

No inlay planned for the chest… yet.

These are usually hung on people’s walls. This one is a gift to a friend.

It is great work. Like it a lot.
(Watch for arc vectors on Vcarve for The Tail. You can smooth vectors to get rid off broken lines)