Family crest

Thanks for the help, as usual.

I finally got this carved out and finished with a dark walnut stain. I just used a random screw that was already in the wall for the photo. This will go above our office french doors. I’m happy with the way it came out. I did notice some bowing, however. It was in my garage longer than I intended it to be, and I live in Houston, so humidity is a problem. Any ideas how to get this thing to sit flat against the wall without using mounting tape? I would prefer not to use it because our paint comes off easily.


I use the adhesive felt for the bottom of furniture legs. I attach it to the back of items that stick out a bit from the wall in. This keeps things nice and flat and won’t mar the wall at all.

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more humidity and weight to remove the bowing…

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I like that idea. I may have to try some of that.

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