Family crest

** I will make a design like this for you for $5, SVG or Vectric CRV format. **
There are 4 different designs available.

1/2"( 0.48) maple plywood 20"x20"
1/8" 2-flute straight 50ipm/10plunge
.096"/pass (5 passes)

plywood is $40/sheet, 8 pieces/sheet
Cost $5/piece sell for $50/piece, net $45/piece x 8 = $360/sheet
1000mm xcarve + vcarve pro will pay for itself before you know it… yay.


Did you use Easel for this or some other program?

I’ve been selling monograms like that for $30 -35. Need to ask for more I guess:grinning:

design in Vectric VCarvePro.

Are you applying any finish to them?

No. that is unfinished maple plywood. it comes pre-sanded when you buy an 8’ x 4’ panel from Lowe’s

I am open to suggestions on how to finish it lots of inside edges

Paint. Different colors for different areas. ex. Gold for the innner and outer ring, Black for the Center letter, Red for the upper name and white for the date.

you could do an edge banding to the inside… might be difficult to iron the smaller spots though.

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Thanks for the suggestions @MarcCohen, @RobertCanning

@BlueLocktite, I wonder if I could just use blue locktite to finish it? Maybe mix with some mineral spirits to thin it out a bit? I can see people wanting these in a pale blue hue…

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I can think of at least 3 people who love blue things.

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Thanks for sharing. Im trying to make me one of those in vcarve pro but i cant seem to figure out what type of fonts to use. any chance you could pass that on or the file. Thanks for sharing what you do. My wife will love it im sure once i can figure it out. Thanks

Font around the edge is Arial, Bold.
The center is a custom piece of art.
I can make you one for $5.
Send me a private message if you’re interested, I can invoice you via Square or Paypal.

Thank you so much. im going to give it another shot. if that dont work then ill definitely contact you. thanks

good luck mike. all best for success

This is a cool idea. What width are the inner and outer circles? They look to be around 1", but I am not confident in that assessment.

Thanks. It’s really similar to


Reminder, I will sell you a complete file for $5. Four designs available. Send me a PM.

So I’ve created what I think is a file that will do the same thing as your original. There are a few minor differences, but all in all, I think it’s pretty close to your example. My question is will the parts that are being hollowed out need to be held with tabs of some kind? They are set as fills at the moment, so I don’t get the tab option that pops up with outlines. When I try to switch everything to outlines, the letters end up being covered up. My outer circle has tabs since it set as an outline. Here is the file. I would love for someone to check out the drawing and see if there are better ways of doing it. Also, are my feeds and speeds close to what you guys are doing? I’m looking at a 4 hour carve time with the current settings. I would love to shorten that if possible without breaking any bits in the process. Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

Nice work Brandon. What did you use for vector design?

I don’t use easel for tool-paths on the designs I use. I’m using Vectric VCarve Pro.
You could accomplish this with pretty much any of their software though, including the entry-level Cut2D.

My cuts take about 1hr for a 20"x20"x1/2" piece.

I’m doing 6 passes (0.083), and 60ipm.
I was originally using a 1/8" 2flute straight, but lately have switched to a 2flute downcut.

Yes, I use tabs for my islands. When islands float, you roll the dice on bit stress.

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I did everything in Easel. The R was a random Google search image, and I used the Trace Image app in Easel to import it. Everything else text-wise was done using Easel’s texts. I am using a 2-flute upcut for the 1/4" bit until my 2-flute downcut bit arrives in the next few days. The 1/8" bit is also a 2-flute downcut. I am assuming your file is only cutting outlines and not hogging out all of the material in between which would explain the far shorter carve times. Does anyone know how to change up my file where I am only doing outlines and not fills? When I change it all to outlines, only part of the sign looks like the original.

Thanks Robert! If I hog it out, does the bit start in the middle and work its way out? I just want to make sure what I do doesn’t end up in rogue pieces jamming the spindle and knocking the piece loose.