Fantasy Knife I've been working on for a few months now!

Hey guys been working on this knife for a few months now. A new hobby of mine, anyways never thought of posting it here until it was done, but I couldn’t wait! This knife was made from a 1/4" thick piece of 01 Tool Steel and was made with an angle grinder and a whole crap ton of hand file work. Got who knows how many hours into this, and still a whole lot more. Right now I am currently working on shaping the scales. (Knife handle) and then I can start sanding the knife with different grits and go to the heat treat.

The knife was modeled after a popular game I used to play when I was younger, (Counter Strike)

OH And if your wondering how this is xcarve related, I carved the fuller with the xcarve! :slight_smile:


Mines half done!


Mine have been done for awhile now, been melting aluminum cans and .223 brass i can’t reload anymore into ingots. I used the Grant Thompson design from YouTube.

We are NOT making fidget spinners, but we have 2 projects in progress, both casts are going to be made from something carved on the XC. I start vacation Monday so I hope to post pictures in a week or so.

Oh, and by “we” I mean my 9yr old and I…

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I have a forge, I just can’t find a decent anvil that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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I’ve been looking for another anvil for awhile now, my current 125# actually came with my first house and has moved with me since, but Finding new is a pain and I’ve had to resort to a piece of train track a few times.

I’m likely going to break down and spend the big money at Centaur forge in the next year or so…

Nice! This could possibly be under the “Props” category because of the game connection. It’s very cool that you carved the fuller with your XC, but why stop there? Could you have carved the entire outline? I’ve got a damascus blade blank that I bought and have scanned the handle, imported the image into Easel and traced it to make the scales out of black linen micarta. Love the knife and the miniature setting! :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t really consider this a prop as it is designed to be a fully working knife and will have a sharpened edge. If I remember it took about 30 minutes per fuller. I don’t think that the machine would handle cutting out the entire blade especially with the material being 1/4" thick. Another reason is I wanted to make most of this knife with basic power tools and hand tools. I only cheated doing the fuller.