FASTEST feed rates for mdf?

My sisters crafting company gets many orders for cnc cut outs, so to keep cutting times down, i need to figure out what speeds would get me good results in the smallest amount of time.

If you havent missed the memo yet, I have a custom built 48x96 table with ballscrew rods. Not sure what motors I have, but i’m assuming they can handle some faster speeds for how custom my table is.

I’m using a 2 flute 1/4 bit.

Typically, with that bit, I run it at 60ipm with 9 on my Plunge Rate and DOC .125" and RPM set to 1.5 on the Dewalt 611. This gets me good results with a decent cutting time. Just wondering if i can push it even faster?




I’ve run up to 120 ipm in MDF on my Xcarve. Just make sure you have good dust collection to minimize the compaction of dust.

If it’s too fast, slow it down.

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I’ve got a dust boot, only have a shop vac as my collection system. It seems to keep up pretty good with the dust boot attached.

What kind of motor drivers do you have? What voltage do they get now and what is the voltage range on them?

I’m not 100% sure, Is there anywhere i can look that would tell me? I can provide pictures of them as well.

If you’re using Easel to drive the X-Carve, it should have a feed rate modifier visible now.

I would set up a series of test cuts starting at 70 ipm, and then start ramping up the speeds and see how it goes.

The default speeds are definitely in the safe zone for cutting and finish quality, but if you have a lot of cutting to do, you will want to speed things up to save time/increase output. Using the feed rate modifier makes this much, much easier.

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