Fastest profiling bits (from inventables or elsewhere)


I am brand new to the x-carve but have cut out a few items out of plywood (which I believe is called a through-cut/profile cut). I have done so thus far with the Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill from inventables. Since it has 1/8" cutting diameter, I’m assuming that means it is going 1/16" of depth at a time. This obviously takes a little while to finish but does leave a good result.

Again, I’m new, but is there a way to get a bit faster results by using a bigger bit to go deeper passes at a time without breaking the bit? Something like either the 1/2" cutting diameter: or at least the 1/4" cutting diameter or something else outside of inventables?

I’m assuming that these bigger diameter bits are more for pockets and flattening a surface and that they would be too rough for profiling the outline of a shape, but I wanted to ask for sure.


A 1/4" 1F tool will be a better compromise for your specific task.
Realize though, that a larger tool, doing larger “bites” create larger cutting forces thats being applied to the structure. Rigidity (or lack there of) is what ultimately put limitations on whats work and whats too much.

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Inventables feeds and speeds are very conservative. Most will tell you depth of cut is half the diameter of your bit. I have stiffened my side rails. I typically run the 2 flute straight bit from Inventables at .1 depth of cut then anywhere from 40 to 100 IPM depending on the material I am running.

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The only true test is to try various test runs and find the sweetspot of your machine. Although an Xcarve is an Xcarve they are all different, because variations exits.

I suggest you get a 1F tool for wood, in 1/8" and 1/4" diameter and test carve circles (Say 4" in diameter) and go deeper OR faster for each time. Measure cut variations, these will eventually start to increase and you have then found your current limit.
Dial it down a little from that and keep your machine in check regularely, and it should be a solid performer :slight_smile:

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Very good, thank you to both of you. This gives me a good starting point. Much appreciated!