FBI Sign methods

Anybody have any idea how to make a sign like this?

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I think i saw someone do something similar on you tube and it was all done in layers and then put together.

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Zach do I see a contest coming up?

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Oh like they glue on some pieces?

It’s multiple pieces with stand-off spacers to give depth. Parts of it may be cast to do multiples and applied to a wood back.

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I did this one all with Easel with the exception of the skull. The skull was imported into Easel as an .nc file.


[quote=“Zach_Kaplan, post:1, topic:53375, full:true”]
Anybody have any idea how to make a sign like this?[/quote]

YES! Use an X-Carve, they’re available from Inventables. :wink:


well… Phill crushes it again… but I will toss my thought out there anyway.

I would have done layers and a real shallow pocket inlay for the next layer to fit into. I did this with a WVU logo for xmas and it turned out great. it kept the placement right where it needed. only issue on this I see would be the star that might be tricky to do this way.

What software did you use for that Phil?

You could do the back in two parts if you wanted crisp edges with no draft or fillets. Probably cut in a fraction of the time.

If I were doing it as a job, I would do each of the ribbons separately so the grain ran in the same direction on all the pieces.


Just curious Phil - how long did it take you to reproduce that?

I’m impressed! :hushed:

You obviously don’t know Phil like we do. :wink: