Feature ETA Roadmap

I am looking at buying pro but all of my Cabinets are face frames or solid edge banding. Do we have any kind of ETA on these future developments? I would be disappointed to buy pro and it be more than 6 mo or a year down the road but a 3mo to 6mo would be worthwhile. This giving me time to completely familiarize myself Easel. Woodworking is a hobby to me but I am an engineer that has used AutoCAD and SketchUp so this was very easy to start.

This roadmap I don’t expect to be set in stone. But it would be nice to see a goal timeline.

Hi Daniel,

Easel Cabinetmaker is a separate product from Easel Pro. You do not need to sign up for Easel Pro to use it.

We are currently actively working on face frame support, but we do not have a concrete ETA on when it will be available for use. We’ll post updates to the forum when we have them.

Will Cabinet Maker always be separate from Easel Pro?
I suspect many of us expected it to become a Pro feature when release from beta. It sounds like it will be another pay-for option outside of Pro?

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Hi Mark - To clarify: Yes, Easel Cabinetmaker will be a separate product. It is currently free for unlimited use during the early access period while we are working with customers to build out the functionality. It will have separate pricing from Easel Pro after it exits the early access period.