[feature request] build log in Easel, more options in pre/post-cut directed workflow

I’ve used Easel to make some test items and watched myself as I used it.
The things that I do that annoy me later are:

a) I need a better checklist pre-cut. Specifically, it would be nice to have reminders to:

  • check the various eccentric bolts to make sure they are properly tight. It would be nice to have an actual checklist to check off.
  • check the router speed (deWalt 611, speed setting seems to creep and you cannot assume you know what it is
  • this may seem stupid but I have a 1k XC and things get left on the back half of the table all the time. a reminder to visually check the table and confirm it is clear seems sadly necessary. maybe it is just me.

so all of this sort of goes to whether you could have a configurable workflow for the pre-carve checklist, and the ability to add survey items to it. Like a survey monkey, but with a few defaults you have to have some where in the workflow.

b) After I cut, I get all excited and take my piece and run inside to show it to Wendy and then the next day I go to cut something else and I am looking at my router and saying “what bit is that again?” and I have no clue because I have a several bits the same size and I cannot remember which I used and 3/4" is not enough of a clue…

So as part of the workflow above it would be wonderful if there was a field where the bit could be better described, maybe with a part # in the bit selection question, so you have documented somewhere which bit you used.

c) of course, that would be useless if you then could not look it up. So in keeping with the survey monkey concept, it would be great if you could then pull/query/see a report of the runs the machine made, and the settings used, so you could see what you did over time, especially if you are trying different speed/feed settings etc.

d) finally, the ability to immediately snap and upload a workpiece pic right into the app at the post cut cut ‘how did it go’ window would be cool. you could then tie the speed feed, bit used, etc, and have a visual database of what you made and how you did it.

I know the core value of Easel is the drawing and Gcode capability, but as a product manager I think it could also throw a tremendous amount of metadata and this could be a very useful resource, personally and to the community, if it were even minimally curated and exposed. Something to think about.