[Feature Request] Delete from My Projects

Under the “My Projects” section of the profile there isn’t an option to delete an existing project. You can mark it as “Private” by un-selecting the “Public” option but, I would just like to delete a project all together.

If this doesn’t become a feature, I might just have to reuse that project for my next project.

Thanks Developers! You guys rock!

If you click the Easel symbol top left, you should get a pop out panel of projects. From memory there is a dustbin symbol next to each project that allows you to delete it.



Thanks IanWatkins but, this is not an Easel issue. This is an issue when you click on your Profile avatar at the top right of the Inventables site when you are logged in. Then click on “My Projects”.

Oops, my bad. Sorry.

Hi @mtschaef. Yes, currently the closest you can do with a project on the Inventables site is make it non-public. I’m sure we’ll We may add a delete button at some point, though—I also have a few (non-public) test projects that show up on my own profile page that I’d like to get rid of!

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No worries. I was asked to enter a Feature Request for it. It’s not at all a pressing issue.

Still missing the “delete” button …2018 …

Delete button still MIA Sept 2019.

It’s also missing in November of 2022.