Feature request - disable drag/drop

Just to start, I never, ever use drag/drop to position anything in Easel. I always use the keyboard to enter coordinates. That being said, I am constantly finding shapes on my projects that are not where originally placed them, as they sometimes move when I click them due to inadvertent dragging. Sometimes I don’t find out about the placement until I start cutting my wood (my current part has over 10 cuts, about half of which have to line up exactly)
I would really just rather not be able to drag/drop at all, but I understand a lot of people may use it, hence the request to be able to turn it on/off.

Hi @KeithPatrick, you can pin your shapes once you have them positioned where you want them. This will lock them into place until you unpin them. Super handy when you don’t want to inadvertently move a shape.

Most people do use it to roughly align things but there may be a better option for you.
Under machine settings enable pinning.
Then once you place objects. Pin them and they won’t move or be deleted by mistake.

Also I use a mouse with custom dpi so I can very accurately place things.

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Ah, beautiful! Another beta feature to the rescue (detail bit was almost like someone reading my mind). Many thanks!

Jason I have enabled the beta feature but do not see the option to pin the shapes in place.Where is the option located?

It’s next to the coordinates, on the Shape tab, but in my case, whether it’s toggled or not, I can still (unfortunately) drag shapes around. I’m selecting with the selection rectangle for now, and going through all my projects to double-check the coordinates, since I found another one that was screwed up. FWIW, this isn’t isolated to Easel…MS Illustrator (which I use for SVG) drives me absolutely nuts with that (I dislike drag and drop so much, I don’t even use it in Windows Explorer; I just don’t like the paradigm in general, and it can be a total nightmare from the coding side)

Hi @KeithPatrick, in Easel each individual shape needs to be pinned to lock it in place.

Correct or entire selections as long as none are already pinned.

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I can drag shapes, regardless of whether it is “locked”. Example I go to a New Project, click a square. I can drag the square around. I go to Shape and click the Lock icon. I drag the square around…again. So to be clear: I can enable pinning, I can make the lock icon locked or unlocked, but it has no (zero) bearing on whether or not I can drag and drop the square. This is what I want to suppress, as I do not want to inadvertently select a shape and have it move; I already ruined a piece of inlayed wood this afternoon over that, and I ruined several more over the last couple of weeks because it is too easy to accidently shift a piece .003 or so just by clicking on it.

Update to latest. Can think of any other possibility.

Update to latest what? It’s a web app, so presumably, every time I use it, it’s the latest version.

What is going on is that there are two different functions - there is a lock icon next to the size. AFAIK*, this does nothing. There is another icon - the pinning icon - next to position that does actually work.

    • by “nothing”, I mean it doesn’t prevent moving around, doesn’t prevent resizing, doesn’t prevent changing aspect ratio.

Go to help downloads and select the latest. And install. Let me know if that helps.
There are 2 locks one on top is pin one by size is aspect ratio

Hi Keith, the lock icon is not the same as the pin icon. I apologize for the confusion. The pin icon is located on the top left of the window… it looks like a little pin. That will keep you shape in position.

The lock icon is for locking the dimensions of the shape but not the position.

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