[Feature Request] Slower speed for high chip load operations

If Easel could have a slower speed when doing high chip load moves. like plunge cuts or when cutting with the full flute diameter then the rest of the time it could run at a higher speed. :smile:

it does not have it but you could always reduce feedrate or stepover % that will help with chipload and also selecting proper material. dont forget those settings are for the bits they used… yours may be slightly different and may need adjusting. the numbers in easel are rough and are a starting point.

I got the feed rate adjusted to work fine. But with only one speed setting I have to set it to the max speed it can handle when doing a high chip load operation. Like when cutting with the full width of the bit.
If easel could identify and set separate speeds for full bit width cuts vs partial bit with cuts (which are the bulk of pocket milling operations) then cut times could be reduced :smile:

You could try processing your gcode in our PicFRC program. You set the minimum, maximum depth of cut, maximum feedrate and a percentage of the max feedrate it will slow down at full depth of cut. It will add a variable feedrate to every line of gcode. It has only been tested with gcode generated from our image to gcode program PicLaser Lite, but it may work with other program’s gcode files also. In Demo mode, it will only generate 500 lines of gcode. Testing recommended.