Feed Hold/Resume hard buttons only sometimes working [Resolved]

I just wired up a button station for the Reset/Abort, Feed Hold, and Cycle Start/Resume. I do not have an X Controller. After getting it all wired up, the buttons light up (yay) but the Feed Hold button doesn’t always put a hold in UGS. Without a job running, sometimes the Feed Hold button puts UGS in a hold state, and sometimes it resets the machine. Pressing my Resume button releases the hold.

With the machine at idle after homing, I press the buttons as follows:
-Feed Hold. Machine resets.
-Start/Resume > Feed Hold, it executes a Feed Hold.
Pressing Resume releases the hold. At this point, if I press the Feed Hold button again, it resets.
-Start/Resume > Feed Hold > Resume > Resume (again) > Feed Hold, it goes back into a hold.

If I have a program running, I get the following error message popup window in UGS when I press Feed Hold:
“Error while processing response <error: Alarm Lock>: Index: 0, Size: 0”
It then ‘breaks’ UGS, and I have to close the USB connection and reopen it.

I am running UGS 2.0 nightly build from April 11. GRBL 0.9j. Any help is most appreciated.

I would suspect their is an issue with the wiring…something is crossed. Check the wiring…specifically between the red and yellow button as well as where they are connected to the Arduino. See if there is a loose strand touching where it shouldn’t.

I am using the UGS nightly build from 28 March, GRBL 0.9j and my buttons work fine.

Thanks Erik!

I pulled the wire for the Reset button out of the Arduino, and then Start/Resume and Feed Hold worked properly. I am using CAT6 cable for the control station. Orange is the line for Feed Hold, and Orange-White is for Reset. There isn’t a break in the wire, but since they are both part of the same twisted pair, I see how this could be a problem.

I have to do some more experimentation tonight, but changing the Reset wire to use one of the other pairs might do the trick.

What do you use for your control wire?

I am using the wire linked below. I used a header for the arduino and ran that to a terminal block and went from the terminal block(below) to the buttons.


I’ve got the buttons and Z probe connector wired to an RJ45 that hits one of these connectors (soon to be) mounted to my box. There is a 20’ umbilical back to the controller. The goal is to use it as a pendant where I can pause the machine from the workbench nearby while minding the cut.

I like the terminal block idea. I may have to convert mine over. Estop wiring to kill power is next on my list once I get these buttons working properly. How often do you hit your Reset/Abort button instead of the Estop?

For the z-probe, I used a 1/4" headphone jack, it works great. Here are a few pics from when I was building the enclosure.

I’ve only hit the e-stop button once…I panicked as the Y-Axis went off in the wrong direction…very quickly…lol

I usually hit the feed hold or abort…depends on what I am doing.

Nice. I’ve got a 3-pin XLR connector mounted to the button station for my probe. I’m only using two of the pins, but the quick disconnect is a nice feature. Have you had any issues overheating or anything else with your control box being made of wood?

I haven’t been able to play with the Abort button yet, does it reset the machine, or just cancel your current job?

No issues at all with heat, and it has gotten warm in the shop as well.

The abort button does a reset.

I switched the Orange-White wire off my Reset button, and everything is responding properly. Lesson learned.

Thanks for your help!