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Feed rate override available for all Easel users

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to make a quick announcement that “feed rate override” is available to all Easel users on both X-Carve and Carvey. We had been testing this feature with subsets of users over the past few months prior to releasing it to everyone today.

This feature lets you adjust feed and plunge rates in real time during a carve by +/- 10% with each button click (see screenshot below). Both Easel-generated carves and imported g-code carves are supported as well.

Note: If using X-Carve, you will need Grbl 1.1e or Grbl 1.1f to use this feature. This feature also requires Easel Driver version 3.7 or later.




What about spindle speed override?

This feature does not include spindle speed override.

Love this new feature, so nice to be able to make adjustments on the fly.

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Glad to hear it!

I used this feature today. Works great :ok_hand:

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Same here :slight_smile:


Have there been any issues with updated Grbl just for this feature? My X-Carve works great (most of the time, mostly user error) as is, but i would like this feature. just don’t want any unknown issues to pop up. took me a long time to get the machine up and running.

is this removed? Cant see it anymore

It is not removed. Please do note the requirements listed at the top of this thread. If those are not met, the feature will not be available.

Weird, its been there before, even yesterday but not anymore. I havent done any updating.

what version of grbl do you have? Open Easel (turn on xcarve) - Machine - Advanced - Machine Inspector

How do I activate the Override feature to be able to use it during a carve?

Update your Easel driver, it will appear when you carve.

So why have you now taken this feature away from us?