Feedback request: Inventables bit guide

Hi, all!

We know that learning about bits and bit identification is a tough thing to grasp. I’m working on a series of short videos that explain a bit’s properties and when to use them.

Here are the only two completed videos right now:

I wanted to gather some feedback before going too much further.

Can you let me know if these videos are helpful? Unhelpful?
What information do you want to know about a bit before deciding if it’s the right choice?
Anything else we should consider when making these?

Your feedback can help us build better content that benefits everyone. Let me know if you have questions!



You should consider asking for a raise. Whatever you’re getting paid now isn’t enough! Your guides have really helped me solve a lot of problems that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get past. Thanks for that!

Seriously though, it would be nice to talk more adjusting the cut settings based on the bit/material. I’d like to better understand how to adjust those instead of relying on the generic settings in Easel.

Also, I’m speculating but I assume that the color rings on your bits are added in order to better distinguish between the bits and matching them up in easel. I think that’s a great for helping new users associate specific bits with their capabilities/attributes but it falls short when trying to use easel. There are only six bits pre-loaded in easel and quite a few more for sale on the inventable’s website. To me, it makes sense that if inventables sells the bit, it should be loaded into easel.

Finally, I realize that easel is only set up for 2.5d cutting but I think it’s safe to assume that almost everyone that purchases an x-carve or carvey ultimately wants to dabble in three dimensional carving. It would be nice to see inventables make more of an effort to educate their customers on that front…even if it is just bit selection.

Thanks for doing what you do.


Mo I would like to know how to figure the depth of a V carve to get the full detail of text chosen in an Easel Pro design? With playing around and relying on the preview to reload?

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