Feeds and Speeds - 3D carve, tapered bit

On the base 1000x1000 xcarve, none of the rigidity upgrades… question about feeds with a 3D carve.

Roughing done with 1/4" flat end mill with 0.02" stock to leave.

Detail to be done using a 1/8" shank, tapered round-nose with a 1mm radius at the tip, 2.2 degrees. Tungsten. For a parallel path detail clean up, how fast do you think the X-Carve can handle on the feed?

Probably pretty fast, but it depends on what you are milling.


Brandon Parker

Walnut or cherry.

Guess I’ll try bumping from 40 in/min to 50 in/min and hope the bit doesn’t break :slight_smile:

The angle of a tapered ball bit does an amazing job at transferring the side load up the shaft to the stronger part, very little worry of deflection with a TBN.
Also, the super small stepover used will result in even less side load.

If you want to speed up your 3d carves, I suggest increasing plunge to either match the feed or set it to the machines maximum, whichever is less.
This is because when the detail pass is performed the z is in constant motion along with x and or y and when there is more than one axis on motion then the machine goes no faster than the slowest movement setting, and this is typically the plunge.
(In xcp that would be 100 I’m as the max plunge, so I’d just set it to your feed at 50ipm)

According to this the default max Z speed is around 19 in/min. What is maximum feed? - #2 by BartDring

So if I’m using 12 in/min plunge and increase that to 18 then theoretically I should see about a 33% improvement - any time associated with non-cutting travel.

Latest 3d carve said about 5 hours in Fusion then 6.5 hours in Easel :frowning:

I’m also finding that the linking operations (yellow lines in Fusion?) travel VERY slowly is Easel/X-Carve. Thoughts on which setting I might be missing? My roughing 3D adaptive clear suffers from this issue more than the detail pass.

That 19ipm is accurate for the standard xcarve, I thought the post was in the xcarve pro category, my mistake

The carve time decrease would be for while cutting,

it would be helpful, if we knew! What you are trying to carve.
then we can possibly help you out further.

attached took our hours to do with three cutting tool change. without easel.

This was 0.45" thick. Trying to scale to about 0.8" and the time went way high… but since then I realized that I had stupidly clicked the perpendicular pass. Still I want to do what I can to efficiently take down the detail time. Sounds like the z axis will help a lot. I watched the current carve and can see what Seth was talking about.

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sweet!!! something like that should take about 3 or so without pushing your machine.

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