Feeling Super Bummed out!

Man does it ever suck to be Canadian Right now! After doing all the research and finally biting the bullet to get the new X-Carve, it looks like It is something I won’t be able to get… :frowning:

The first issue is shipping. Does it ever cost allot to ship stuff to canada. 264.72$ USD to be exact, and that is with ought buying the waste-board. After that I then realized that the price is in American… The price I got with shipping is lovely $1,471.42. Until I decided to convert it into CAD. 1,941.41$ and that’s for the xcarve without the wasteboard/sideboard/all of the bits/material pack/toolset/clamps/calipers.

Anyways I decided to still get it, and would try to work some extra shifts to pay for the extra I didn’t think I’d have to pay. But the system doesn’t seem to like my virtual visa card (I don’t own credit cards so I use this to shop online). I am sure wishing I was american right now. I’m not to sure if there is any way around this or anything, but I guess until then I am stuck admiring projects that I will never be able to create myself!


perhaps someone up there can become a distributor?
having a local one helps with costs.


Where do I sign up to become one? :stuck_out_tongue: I sure wish that was the case!

i preordered mine a couple weeks ago im in aus and the delivery stung me aswell i ordered everything inc delivery $2900 but i know that the product is going to be top notch so dont be bummed out its goin to be boss

Ya but I’m not able to order mine… :frowning: and to pay that much for an item listed at 1400 really sucks by time the conversion kicks in it ups it by half.

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That’s all part of being a Canuck, eh, bite the bullet and enjoy my friend, it is worth every penny…

Sounds like it is time for a road trip! Where in Canada are you?

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I wonder if there are other shippers out there.
Maybe one can set up a business hauling stuff up there. :smiley:

My dad used to know a lot of truckers.

North bay ontario

Ive sent them an email in the morning. But will be calling tomorrow hopefully to see if there is anything they can do.

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I have had people in Canada close enough to hop the border and have things shipped to their friends in New York and Washington… that international rate for just across the border is pathetic I mean bad enough to Australia or Europe you would think perhaps plane shipping would be worse that route but just to Canada seems really unfair. maybe someone in a border town that has one close to you could get it you could unbox it and take it back if you have that form of transport or closeness to the states.

I live in Canada and when I bought mine back at the beginning of the year and when I bought it, with the few extras I ordered, minus the wasteboard, was over 200 Canadian for shipping, I also had to pay brokerage fees when it came across the border which was another 100+ dollars. I live in a border town (about 10 minutes from the US border) but if I would have shipped it there then brought it across the border, I would have had to pay taxes on the machine which would have been roughly the same.

All in with shipping and the Machine minus the wasteboard and a few extras cost me around $2500 Canadian

You also don’t need to buy everything through Inventables. for instance, I bought the Nema 23’s from another place, wire on Amazon etc. If you source all those parts from a place in Canada, and only buy what you actually need from the US

That’s only an 11 hour drive to Chicago. You can just pick it up!

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11 hours is fairly far especially when that would make it 22 hours long there and back. I’d need a hotel and gas here is also expensive :frowning: Not to mention I don’t have a passport either :frowning: feelsbad.

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even though inventables does a great job at packaging everything up, you might consider sourcing some of the larger parts locally. Like the t-slot extrusions (sans maker slides), screws, wiring, aurduino, and such… it takes more research and knowledge of electronics but will save you a lot of money on shipping.

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I feel your pain. I live in the most isolated capital city in Australia. Transport costs are often higher than the actual cost of what it is you’re buying.

Don’t change your citizenship yet. I’m an American and having similar issues with shipping. I live in Thailand and my total is more than $2200. I suggest, as Phil did, you contact Inventables. I have been dealing with Paul Stolz (Inventables) and he has been a tremendous help. I won’t know how much he saves me until it ships but I’m confident it will be significant.

I live in Newfoundland, Canada, and while not remembering exactly the shipping costs for what I got, I rembering it being high. I also included the wasteboard when I got mine. All this considered, it was still, in my opinion, the best bang for the buck. You can get different machines in Canada for less shipping if you would choose to do so, but while shipping will be less, you won’t get as much machine for the price. There are other options.

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You need the makerslide, brackets, mounts, fastenings, and electrical stuff, but don’t be paying for wasteboards etc.

I’d still be surprised if someone in Canada didn’t have maker-slide, but again, probably like here in Oz, they may not advertise it much (if at all). If you could source the makerslide and wasteboard locally, that’d reduce shipping costs dramatically. You will however need to have the makerslide accurately cut to length and square (no hacksaw cut would be sufficient).

The router you want should also be available locally, I bought my Dewalt router locally, but here in Oz it’s got a different model number (maybe because it’s a different voltage - 240v) so you may need to hunt around for that. I believe there are mounting brackets available for Makita routers which I can’t see being much different from the Dewalt.

Shipping is by size and/or weight, there’s not much weight, so size is what you need to avoid, although I suspect I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already.