Fender strat body, how to set up the job

So I have this really nice .stl of a 60’s Fender Strat

I’m new to all of this just messing with the software while I’m waiting for my machine to arrive,Im running aspire 4
can anyone give me a work flow to get me started, how do I prep this to cut both sides ill give someone the model if they can help or even set this job up for me so i can see what it takes. I’m a hands on type learner not good with directions but better with something to work with, once I see how its laid out ready to mill I will have a better understanding.

I understand that I will need to create one side, then probably cut it out completely, put it back on the machine and mill the other side.

I know theres different ways to secure a job to the workspace and “pin” it so it lines up but I don’t know how to do that.

Should I start with 2" thick stock and mill down to 1.75" or just start with 1.75" thick stock

i think i know how to set up the actual cuts i think i have that much figured out

Ok yea that’s what I need, it’s gonna be one laminated stock piece, I just did them side by side to make sure I set up identical cut settings. I have been searching online but all I seem to find is videos of people cutting guitars without explanation or places that sell cnc cut bodies , I’ll google the Laguna stuff and watch that video. I absorb things much better from videos than I do written instruction.

OK so I know nothing about cnc machining other than what I’ve learned in the last 4 weeks , no hands on training.

So my question is, if you want to machine a job and don’t want your material to have to be set all the way at the bottom left corner of the waste board the only way to do that is to set the datum in the center of the material and then mark your material and set the bit exactly at that point and zero x and y , the Z can be zero to the waste board or material surface depending on how you set up the job correct? But if you create the job with the left bottom datum you have to place your material in bottom left right?

By all means, do a test run on some plywood or MDF. The 2 sided thing is tricky.

But where are you going to find a pink steel ruler?!

If you find one, please let em know… I want one too :slight_smile:

Hey FatKat, where you at on this? Did you try anything?

Nope hadn’t gotten to that project yet

I think I will try a standard strat body here pretty soon, I have a couple 2x4 body blanks just sittin here waiting to be used…should be fun!