Few silly question from a beginer

Hello everyone.

  1. Material Type, includs specific cut Settings?
  2. there are no Pearl inlay material in the list ?
  3. is it possible to view the Bit size in milimeters?

thank you so much and apologizes if the questions are 100 times answered, i cant find any suitable :slight_smile:

Hopefully I am understanding your questions correctly.

  1. The material type that you choose will change the way the machine cuts. A harder and thicker material will need to slow down to cut appropriately. I have found that Easel is pretty conservative with its settings, and the material choice is usually pretty good to use with automatic settings. I could not find zebrawood in the list, so I chose walnut as the hardest material in the list, and then I had to choose manual settings and slow it down even more, and turned the router speed up.

  2. As mentioned above, some materials are not on the list. You need to choose something close, and you may need to use manual settings.

  3. Yes, you can view anything in inches or millimeters. In the bottom left corner of the Easel workspace is a slide button to switch between inches and millimeters. When editing or adding bits, you can specify mm or in. You can always use Google to tell you conversions back and forth, for example “1/8 in mm” will get you a result of 3.18 mm, or 0.125 in.

Pretty spot on, but to ad to this, @DedeAyache you can add your own custom materials, it will not appear like Pearl Inlay, rather i think MDF or Birch is the default 3d preview shown for custom materials, but you can label is Pearl Inlay and save your own custom settings to it for future use rather than using manual settings every time…

The Conversion for inches to mm is multiply by 25.4 and from mm to inches is to divide by 25.4.
Bits Within the toolbox show the units that they were created using, you can enter custom bits and type the size in mm and it will save it to your library as such.
For Example see the marked bits here in my library, I would have typed “3.2mm” when creating the 3.2 mm diameter endmill marked in red here.

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