"Few Upgrades" email

Back in February we received emails stating upgrades that would be made to the X-Carve Pro,
such as the collet being ER16, and the waste boards being redesigned. Once assembled the units that are shipping have the upgraded collet, but no t-track… is this a long forgotten feature, or will there be an update coming later as to how we might add those upgrades.

Of the folks that have received their machines, has anyone gotten the “upgraded” waste boards?

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Standard wasteboard for me.

I’ve had my pro about a month and a half. I’m still impressed with the machine and with how fast Inventables responds to questions. FWIW I have no doubts we’ll see a t-track wasteboard as promised.

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I’ve had mine also about a month, and got the standard waste board.

Also, question:

Does your standard wasteboard, the pocket holes in it, does it have equal spacing on the X and the Y?

i was making dual slot clamps, and it works in the X, but not the Y, as it’s not even spacing between the 2 axis.

I thought they were equal, but just checked and they’re not. My Y hole spacing is slightly smaller than X.

Just making sure I wasn’t the only one.


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@ZackNeese the t-slot wasteboard is very much still in production! We are just working on sourcing right now to get the components.

@TCarter I was actually making some bump stops yesterday for the x and y and they do have different spacing.

x = 72.5 mm
y = 70.8 mm